Beetroot and almond dip

Dip carrots in it, mix it through salads, smother it on rice crackers.
The list goes on.

The main ingredient for this dip is b e e t r o o t: 
Did you know beetroots are a wonderful sources of dietary nitrates? These nitrates get converted into nitric oxide (NO) by the body upon ingestion. NO is a molecule that helps relax and dilate blood vessels which in turn helps to lower our blood pressure. 

– 2 large beetroots
– 1 C almonds
– 2 tblsp olive oil
– 3 tspns of balsamic vinegar
– 2 tspns of english mustard
– 1/2 juiced lemon juiced
– Salt and pepper (to your taste!)

1. Peel the beetroots and wrap them in foil. Bake them in the oven at 200 degrees celsius for about 40 minutes until they are tender.
2. Chop the beetroot into cubes (after they have cooled) and add them along with the other ingredients to a food processor.
3. Taste test and add more salt and pepper if needed!


Images sourced via pinterest. Author unknown. 

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