Welcome to Sprout Journal

Hello! My name is Dr Emily Burch – I’m an Australian Accredited Dietitian and Nutritionist with a background in international journalism and communications.

I aim to communicate relevant, science-based nutrition messages to the public in a straightforward way. Providing research credibility and expertise, I work towards bridging the gap between nutrition science and the practical implications for what it means for someone’s health.

Through my current research, I am working towards improving the management of people newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Australia. I have an active research collaboration with the Community Health and Wellbeing Centre at the University of Queensland. I am also an Australian Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and active media writer for www.theconversation.com. In 2021 I received my PhD in nutrition from Griffith University. I also have a Bachelor in Nutrition and Dietetics with First Class Honours from Griffith University and a Bachelor in Mass Communication (majoring in International Journalism and Public Relations) from the Queensland University of Technology.

If you have a project you would like to discuss with me (whether it be scientific writing, online articles, website content or a research opportunity), then please get in touch at sprout.dietetics@gmail.com


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